Messerschmitt 109 G10/U4

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This is a fantastic opportunity to own an advanced built Bf 109 G10/U4 WW2 fighter.

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Aircraft Information

One of the last models of 109 aircraft built before the end of WWII. It was built concurrent with the Bf109K.
Built by Wiener Neustadter Flugzeugwerke (WNF) in early 1945.

Likely test flown on or about the middle of February, 1945. An aircraft which is one serial number away from this aircraft was test flown on February 17, 1945. The factory test pilots kept their own logbooks of the aircraft that they flew. Many of the pilot logs didn’t survive the war, or still have not been found. Late war records were very disorganized, and many were lost or destroyed. Factories were being bombed, and aircraft were being assembled in the streets, in tunnels, and in the surrounding forests.

Once completed, this G10 aircraft will be the only one of its type flying in the world. It shared its 1800 horsepower DB605D with the K model, along with the strongest airframe and hard hitting firepower of the 30mm fuselage cannon and two 13mm machine guns. The most powerful and lethal of all the Bf109s built.

This is a very unique opportunity to acquire an advanced project which, when completed, will represent the culmination of Messerschmitt’s vast contributions to the art of aerial warfare.

The vast majority of the aircraft’s structure has been constructed from new parts, and from new Old Stock or used serviceable parts.

The entire fuselage is new-build. No expense spared. Used serviceable and New-Old-Stock parts were used where possible. The new rear fuselage formed skins were obtained from suppliers in Germany, as were the stringers, firewall, and most other structures parts. It was assembled in a proven airframe jig using both era correct and modern structural fasteners. As per the original aircraft, most hardware is metric, and is the original strength Grade or better.

The main centre section spar is of the late war type (very heavy duty) and is new made. Designed to support an up-gross weight configuration of aircraft with dual wing-mounted 20mm or 30mm cannon installations.

The fuselage tail cone is a New-Old-Stock part which was repaired.
All parts used were manufactured from aircraft quality materials. Hundreds of photos were taken to document the aircraft’s construction.

Wings and Engine: These major components can be acquired at an additional cost from reputable companies who are able to supply new or overhauled serviceable wings and engine. Contact us for details. 

All inquiries to [email protected] or contact Allan Vogel on +44  776 993 4646

Shipping can be arranged from Canada to anywhere in the world.

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