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Who we are

About Us

Welcome to Historic and Classic Aircraft Sales

Buying, or selling, an aircraft is a highly specialized process. Having someone assist you as you can save you a lot of time and some potential major headaches – and actually save you money!

An acquisition specialist can help you determine the right plane for your mission; they can explain the pros and cons of various aircraft as well as the aircraft’s performance capabilities and real-world operational costs. Think of it this way, people who operate their airplanes might buy two, or maybe three, aircraft over the course of many years while a solid acquisition agent will buy/sell hundreds over the same period. Experience has its advantages!

We offer a full range of services and we view ourselves as partners with our clients. We know the best way to serve you is to help you have the best buying experience possible and to find the right airplane at the right price for you.

Our range of additional services includes:

Buyer’s Agent for Aircraft Purchase

Seller’s Agent for Aircraft Disposal

Aircraft Acquisition / Disposal Consulting

Air & Ground Equipment ( Aircraft )

Classic / Historic/ Warbird / Military Aircraft / Helicopters

What we do for you

In our acquisition or sales process we:

  • Research the worldwide aircraft market
  • Gather data on available aircraft
  • Analyse data provided by the seller including specifications, history, condition, cosmetics, maintenance status
  • Determine the fair market value of aircraft
  • Complete a spreadsheet comparison of aircraft of interest
  • Secure a chain of title and title search on aircraft
  • Secure a maintenance status report on aircraft
  • Analyse maintenance status reports and estimate immediate and anticipated near and long-term expenses
  • Make recommendations to the Buyer / Seller including pricing and terms.
  • Negotiate on behalf of Buyer / Seller
  • Recommend pre-purchase inspection facility
  • Arrange a on-site cursory inspection of the aircraft and if necessary demonstration flight to verify specifications and condition
  • Prepare all necessary contracts including offer, sales and purchase agreement, acceptance certificate, etc.
  • Prepare all necessary CAA/FAA documents, Cape Town Treaty documents, import / export documents and insurance all are accurately completed and filed
  • Recommend aviation title escrow agent
  • Oversee the pre-purchase inspection
  • Negotiate resolution of pre-purchase discrepancies
  • Handle all interfaces with involved professionals including seller, broker, maintenance facility, escrow agent, banker or financial institution, insurance agent and underwriter, attorney, CPA/tax professional, pilots, et al.
  • Assist in the transference of applicable warranty items.
  • Arrange acceptance flight.
  • Arrange physical delivery of the aircraft subsequent to closing as required.
  • Witness execution of acceptance and delivery receipt as may be required for tax purposes.
  • Follow through on post-closing details.
  • Arrange for Export Certificate of Airworthiness if required
  • Arrange for Import Certificate of Airworthiness if required
  • Arrange for any additional maintenance, upgrades, avionics, & paint work that may be required at the request of the Buyer.
  • Arrange for the installation of any special missions equipment or air ambulance equipment.
  • Obtain ITAR / DDTC clearance for the aircraft / special missions equipment if required
  • Arrange for delivery of the aircraft to the client.
  • Arrange for training for the client on the aircraft and/or equipment