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Interested in any of the aircraft listed on the site, or looking for help in selling yours?

Drop us a line using our contact details below, or use the form, for a no-obligation chat.

Allan Vogel
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In our acquisition or sales process we:

  • Research the worldwide aircraft market

  • Gather data on available aircraft

  • Analyse data provided by the seller including specifications, history, condition, cosmetics, maintenance status

  • Determine the fair market value of aircraft

  • Complete a spreadsheet comparison of aircraft of interest

  • Secure a chain of title and title search on aircraft

  • Secure a maintenance status report on aircraft

  • Analyse maintenance status reports and estimate immediate and anticipated near and long-term expenses

  • Make recommendations to the Buyer / Seller including pricing and terms.

  • Negotiate on behalf of Buyer / Seller

  • Recommend pre-purchase inspection facility

  • Arrange a on-site cursory inspection of the aircraft and if necessary demonstration flight to verify specifications and condition

  • Prepare all necessary contracts including offer, sales and purchase agreement, acceptance certificate, etc.

  • Prepare all necessary CAA/FAA documents, Cape Town Treaty documents, import / export documents  and insurance all are accurately completed and filed

  • Recommend aviation title escrow agent

  • Oversee the pre-purchase inspection

  • Negotiate resolution of pre-purchase discrepancies

  • Handle all interfaces with involved professionals including seller, broker, maintenance facility, escrow agent, banker or financial institution, insurance agent and underwriter, attorney, CPA/tax professional, pilots, et al.

  • Assist in the transference of applicable warranty items.

  • Arrange acceptance flight.

  • Arrange physical delivery of the aircraft subsequent to closing as required.

  • Witness execution of acceptance and delivery receipt as may be required for tax purposes.

  • Follow through on post-closing details.

  • Arrange for Export Certificate of Airworthiness if required

  • Arrange for Import Certificate of Airworthiness if required

  • Arrange for any additional maintenance, upgrades, avionics, & paint work that may be required at the request of the Buyer.

  • Arrange for the installation of any special missions equipment or air ambulance equipment.

  • Obtain ITAR / DDTC clearance for the aircraft / special missions equipment if required

  • Arrange for delivery of the aircraft to the client.

  • Arrange for training for the client on the aircraft and/or equipment